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Healing and Treatment with Medicinal Plants


Duration: Treatment Times Varied
Transport from airport provided, followed by dinner and discussion of your program.

This particular program's intention is to introduce people to the various techniques found within the Amazon Basin and used for generations to improve and promote health or to treat and heal the sick.

In the Amazonian jungle, we have all types of Shamans and Healers. Our goal is to facilitate you in meeting, discussing and being treated by one of our good Shamans and Healers. The Shamans and Healers that we are close to are practicing medicine on a daily basis in their villages and not in town centers or tourist resorts.

With more than 20 years of guiding experience throughout the Amazon Basin, we have very good relationships with the best practicing Shamans and Healers in the jungle. Unfortunately, like the traditional natural medicine used for ages, many of these Shamans and Healers are also disappearing and being replaced with Western drugs and medicine. We want to promote and encourage you to help us preserve our natural medicine and the Shamans and Healers who practice it everyday.

By coming with us, you will have a tremendous and unforgettable journey. Once you see the effect of the medicine you have been treated with you will never forget it.

On this particular journey of healing and treatment, we do not have a period or schedule for treatment. It is dependent on how the medicine progresses in your body. There is no guarantee that you will be fully treated, but we have found that more people are cured than not. After leaving the Amazon, many tell us that they feel as if they are still in treatment when they arrive home and are eventually much improved. The majority of the feedback is very positive and promising.

Treatments usually can last from one week to several. So, if you go with us, be prepared to have plenty of time and be willing to receive the miracle of healing and promotion of health through our natural medicine and practitioners.

Please contact us well before arriving in Iquitos to discuss general ailments, concerns and questions. It is very important that we discuss these things prior to your arrival with the right Shamans, so that we can have a clearer picture as to how the treatment may unfold when you are here.

Preparation is very important with this treatment as most of our good Shamans and Healers are more than 6 hours and up to two days travel, from Iquitos.

Healing with Ayahuasca – Magical Benefits of Medicinal Plants on the Amazon

Struggling with a recurring ailment that refuses to die down and is taking a toll on your health? Worried about the effects of western drugs and medicines that are not potent to treat the underlying problem? Can’t get a treatment for a certain health condition?

This is the time to explore the benefits of century old natural medicinal theories that have stand time and are potent solution for providing you with desired healing and relief.

Plant Spirit Healing – Bringing the Medicinal Power of Amazon Rainforest Plants

At our Ayahuasca retreats and spirit healing center, we provide exclusive and dedicated excursions in the jungle, where you will get efficient treatment from experienced Shamans and Healers who holds decades of experience in practicing and using natural medicines from rainforest medicinal plants. They provide healing with Ayahuasca, a brew that was used in traditional spiritual medicine practice amongst the indigenous people of Amazon basin and is still one of the best medicinal resources.

We provide airport transfers, along with accommodation and meals through our tailored and cost-effective tour programs. Treatment times vary person to person and therefore there is no fixed treatment schedule. We provide medicinal plants and Ayahuasca for sale in Iquitos Peru, obtained from finest plant resources.

Want to treat your health issue with amazing spiritual healing properties of Amazon medicinal plants? Contact us before booking your tour to discuss your concerns and ailments in detail!
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  • Airport pickup
  • All transportation
  • All fees and taxes
  • All accommodations
  • All meals (vegetarian meals available upon request)
  • Free and unlimited drinking water
  • A full-time bilingual guide


Minimum 2 pax
(Price negotiable)

$100 USD per day/person


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